Sandra Halvorson and Natasha Herring

Natasha Herring (47) interviews her conversation partner Sandra "Sandy" Halvorson [no age given] about her experience getting into contact with her biological parents and how being adopted has impacted her sense of identity.

Gigi Core

we talked about where she grew up and when she met my dada

HIES The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Andrew and Mimi

This is a short 5 question interview about my mom for a project for Holy Innocents Episcopal School

StoryCorps Interview – English 9 – Charlotte Niblett

We talked about life experiences and parts of how he lived. Lots of talk about travel and family and schooling and such a mild adventures as well as rally’s and such.

Rhea Triche: youth, adulthood, now

This interview dives deep into the early life and adulthood of Rhea Triche. Her comparisons on life as a child for her versus how life for children is like today.

Learning About My Mom

This interview helped me learn more about my mom and her life. It helped me know the ups and downs of life.