Media and Race

Kaley interviews student athlete KJ about his views on Race and Media. The conversation also covers sports and religion.

Kelsey Barnes and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte

Friends, colleagues, and current college students Kelsey Barnes (19) and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte (19) share a conversation about protecting and celebrating Black hair and expression. They also talk about their work as youth leaders on anti-hair discrimination legislation and supporting...

Abigail Arthur and Sheena Belcher Hubbard

One Small Step conversation partners Abigail "Abby" Arthur (51) and Sheena Belcher-Hubbard (40) spend the better part of an hour discussing motherhood, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the heightened division in our country.

Cheryl Montgomery and Emily Feldman

[Recorded Thursday, February 9th, 2023] Cheryl (50) and Emily (62) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cheryl, originally from Culpeper, Virginia and now residing in Fluvanna County, works in clinical research coordination at UVA after working at...

Christopher Joseph and Sarah Reed

[Recorded Friday, February 17, 2023] Christopher (20) and Sarah (34) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Christopher is involved with student council and is a first generation college student at the University of Virginia. Sarah is originally...

Carla Farris and Maynard Belson

One Small Step partners Carla Farris (51) and Maynard Belson (73) discuss their very different experiences of being in lockdown during the pandemic, why they chose to be vaccinated or not, and their hope and fears for our country.

Bad Hair Days and Inconvenient Curves

It’s obvious that women of color do not conveniently fit into beauty standards set by society. In a society that places white women as the standard for what is beautiful, women of color, especially black women, are under the impression...

Nyah Hoskins, Patrisia Vekima, and Michaela Clarke

Friends Nyah Hoskins (25), Patrisia Vekima (25), and Michaela Clarke (25) reminisce on defining memories from their friendship such as first meetings, college life, living together, transitioning out of college, and more.

Maureen Guthman and Jill Schlesinger

Maureen Guthman (60) talks to her friend Jill Schlesinger (56) about her family, resilience, and the impact of those closest to her in her life. They reflect on their friendship and on the TV shows and music that have most...