Sandra Halvorson and Natasha Herring

Natasha Herring (47) interviews her conversation partner Sandra "Sandy" Halvorson [no age given] about her experience getting into contact with her biological parents and how being adopted has impacted her sense of identity.

Nancy King and Jerald Shynett

Nancy King (54) shares a conversation with her husband, Jerald Shynett [no age given]. They discuss how they first met, when they knew they were in love, the passing of Nancy's father, and having a child together.

Paul Layton and Megan Layton

Paul Layton (34) shares a conversation with his wife, Megan Layton (31), about the journey of their relationship. They discuss how they first met, the birth of their first child, caring for Paul's grandmother, and where they are today.

Amy Rothfuss and Julia Resto

Sisters Amy Rothfuss (40) and Julia Resto (33) discuss a car accident Julia was in, resulting in the loss of her child Azaria. They remember the incident, and reflect on the importance of discussing death.

Heather Florescue and Nicole Collins

Dr. Heather Florescue (43) shares a conversation with Nicole Collins (32) about Nicole’s pregnancy with her sons, her stillborn son, her next pregnancy following that, and about the importance of raising awareness about stillbirths and miscarriages.

Nell Schneider #3, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses her graduation from high school, taking and teaching college courses at the University of...

Abigail Dove and Janet Strain

Abigail Dove (30) shares a conversation with her mother, Janet Strain (69), about pregnancy, having a child during the COVID-19 pandemic, and being a new mother.

Sharon and Sierra Sorrentino

Sharon Sorrentino would sing the opening song, Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour,'' to her daughter, Sierra Sorrentino, constantly when she was a baby. Perhaps it was her choir background that gave her the chops to adapt the great Wonder’s lyrics...

Luciano Cesta and Carolyn Cesta

Luciano Cesta (24) talks to his sister, Carolyn Cesta (39), about their mother's pregnancy with him and how that potentially influenced Carolyn's research interests in epidemiology. Carolyn, who was thirteen when their parents announced that their mother was pregnant with...