Recording – 09-17-2023 12:23:27 Renee and David The Battle with Cancer

Renee Switzer,58 is talking with David Franklin, 62. They are cousins who feel more like sister and brother. Renee has finished treatments for breast cancer who sees the silver lining. This is a story of hope!

Zara Zimbardo

Rascal Roubos, author the Social Work Master's thesis "Antidotes to White Fragility" reflects with collaborators Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva of White Noise Collective on the creation of the popular and transformative somatic Antidotes curriculum.

What we can learn from college by those who have experienced it

Kaiten Kern, age 18, asks their mother, Jammie Kern, age 49, how her journey was in college and the ups and downs that came with it. From this interview we can compare how today's college experience versus the past can...

Janelle Bogart and Keith Pickus

One Small Step partners Janelle Bogart (38) and Keith Pickus (63) discuss their differences growing up Baptist in Wichita, Kansas and Jewish in Los Angeles, California.

Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva

Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva, founders, core members and co-conspirators of the anti-racist organization the White Noise Collective, reflect on a decade plus of community-building, political education, and movement support work.

Steve Desroches and Maxwell Heller

Steve Desroches (49) talks to Maxwell Heller (39), also known as Miz Cracker, about his work as a drag performer, the drag scene in Provincetown, Massachusetts and appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Arvin Fontarum and Shasta Steinert

One Small Step participants Shasta Steinert (28) and Arvin Fontarum (38) talk about not being fully represented by either political party, the way people express their beliefs to others, and how learning and experiencing more has shaped their beliefs today.

Ann Resnick and Nancy Quam

One Small Step partners Ann Resnick (68) and Nancy Quam (67) have a conversation about avoiding politics with family, the potential complexities of AI, and the experience of politics in their states.