Comenity Member Interview: Victoria Gonzalez

Friends Sofia (20) and Victoria (15) discuss her relationship to food and her impact in the community.

interview w nicole

Nicole and Ale talk about Nicole’s baking business and how she impacted her community through it.

Interviewing Barbara and Steven Carr

Hermione Lu (16) interviews family friends Barbara Carr (72) and Steven Carr (75) about growing up in San Diego and their life when Steven was drafted and joined the Coast Guard.

WY students Reflect on their Experiences in High School

WY Students Britney D and Aster B take time to reflect on experiences in Whitney Young and how it has affected them in their high school journey.

Elayna and Heather Klug

In this interview, I learned about my mom's life growing up under unfortunate circumstances and how she got to where she is now. We talked about the importance of community, working hard to make a life for yourself, and how...

Day Bibb and Jacquie Hill

Day Bibb tells her friend Jacquie Hill what it was like to grow up in Portland, survive domestic abuse, and start a skin care company and a non profit. Jacquie discusses her passion for yoga, and how it helped her...

Todd Western on Being a Black Farmer in Iowa

Todd Western III talks about the legacy of being from one of the first black farming families in Iowa, building community between black farmers, and the inaugural Iowa Farmers of Color Conference.