Mercer University OlaOcha O. Chinue talks with Emily Colon a MU student being a single parent and pursuing a path as an educator

OlaOcha Chinue: 2023-09-22 00:51:10 The interviewer has a conversational discussion with Emily, an aspiring teacher, about her passion for education. They cover her inspirations, goals as a woman of color, plans to engage students, anticipated challenges, the importance of work-life...

Victor Acevedo and Ajax Greene

One Small Step partners Victor Acevedo (61) and Ajax Greene (66) discuss understanding LGBTQ identities as straight cis men, whether businesses should take political stands, and their fears around aging and disability.

Janelle Bogart and Keith Pickus

One Small Step partners Janelle Bogart (38) and Keith Pickus (63) discuss their differences growing up Baptist in Wichita, Kansas and Jewish in Los Angeles, California.

Steve Desroches and Maxwell Heller

Steve Desroches (49) talks to Maxwell Heller (39), also known as Miz Cracker, about his work as a drag performer, the drag scene in Provincetown, Massachusetts and appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Arvin Fontarum and Shasta Steinert

One Small Step participants Shasta Steinert (28) and Arvin Fontarum (38) talk about not being fully represented by either political party, the way people express their beliefs to others, and how learning and experiencing more has shaped their beliefs today.

Ann Resnick and Nancy Quam

One Small Step partners Ann Resnick (68) and Nancy Quam (67) have a conversation about avoiding politics with family, the potential complexities of AI, and the experience of politics in their states.

Christina Neal and Diane Metheny

One Small Step conversation partners Christina "Tina" Neal (63) and Diane Metheny (51) discuss about politics.

Bestfriend Talk

Learning a little more insight on my best friends beliefs and views in the LGBTQ community.