Great Grandmother

Some interesting things in her life as a child/young adult that differ from today’s experience.

Interview with Kyla and grandma
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Today, Kyla (13 years old) interviewed her grandma, Wong Fung Lee about traditions during her grandma’s generation. Her grandma is currently 65 years old.

Finding The Right Person

Glenda Matheny, my grandmother is 76 years old. We discussed how she met her now deceased husband, and what it means to find the right person.

Interview with my Mom

Interview with my mom (52) while she explains her childhood, work life, and marriage.

Russ Adams
November 28, 2022 App Interview

This interview was conducted by Mady Stanislav (14) with her grandpa Russ Adams (60) about a variety of topics including: faith, parenting, marriage, choices, and more!

A Look into Gookies Life

Gookie (my grandfather) talks with me about his life growing up in Marin and the struggles he faced. His fondest memories of living in Marin and the people he met along the way that helped him through life. But also...

Interview With Dad
November 27, 2022 App Interview

I asked my dad a few questions about his life and his thought on his life so far.

A Kiyumbi Love Story

In this interview Taraji Kiyumbi discussed the topic of love and marriage with their mother Dorothy Kiyumbi.

Monty and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together.

In this interview (November 27, 2022) in Leesburg Virginia, Monty Lunt and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together ever since they met back in 1997. Karen shares stories about what life was like before they had...

Anna Verwij Interviews Noreen Czarnecki

On November 27th 2022 Anna Verwij (20) sat down to interview her aunt’s mother Noreen Czarnecki (82) about her relationship with her late husband Frank Czarnecki, her life growing up in the city, and her experiences as a mother. Noreen...