Diya and Taylor- 12/3/2022

Taylor Eadie (18) talks with Diya Kishore (18) about the highs and lows of being apart of the LGBTQ+ community as a white male in his past and present.

Entrevista de Storycorps: Mi personal héroe, Joy Uehara

Devin Ponciano le pregunta a Joy Uehara sobre su vida en la escuela, el voluntariado y la trabajar.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2022 with my mom!
December 3, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Tucson Arizona I, Gianna Giordano interview my mom, Perri Giordano. My mom shared stories on her childhood, life as a mom, and her experiences with 911. She also talked about her favorite...

Jillian Shrader and Barbara Nainiger: Cultivating the Future through youth education

Jillian and Barbara talk about their project of incorporating localization principles into a summer camp curriculum in Ann Arbor. This camp focused on localized food and agriculture systems, including topics like cooking, composting, and foraging, and visits to local farms...

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49, have a One Small Step North Idaho Conversation
December 2, 2022 App Interview

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49 come together and talk about faith, community, parents passing, Covid, children, and being resilient.

Interviewing my sister

Hello, my name is Afrah and for this interview my sister Farah talks about her childhood life and her perspective on things.

A Dinner With Strangers

Many of us crave community - to know our neighbors, to share a meal. In a future which will hold immense challenges, we will need each other - even more than we already do. We hope this serves as an...