On Thanksgiving day, I (Emily) and Joenna participated in an interview where we talked about the similarities in our lives and how being an Asian American influences it!

Girls' Time

Lucine He (21) talks with her roommate, Sunny (21) about their future plannings. They start with the recent final week project, and then talk about their plans for the summer to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, and finally look...

An English Teacher's and Her Student's Stories

This interview can be devided into two parts. The first part is Savrina's interview with Laura, a young English teacher in her high school. The other part is Savrina's interview with Jack, a classmate Laura used to teach and the...

Cyndi's Interview with husband Song

I interview with my husband, Song Sun. We loved each and had a happy life.

Cyndi with husband Song's interview

I interview my husband, Song. We loved each other and had a happy life.

Religion and Immigration: Following a Calling to Integrate Cultures

Here, I talk to my mom and dad about their experiences with their experience as Taiwanese immigrants, and how faith has woven itself into this experience. We touch on the similarities of Christian and Chinese values, as well as how...

Taiwan to America: Lessons Passed Down

This interview was done with my mother who moved to the United States for graduate school. She grew up in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Thanks to modern technology, in this interview, I video called my mom, who went back to her hometown...

Opinions towards New Malaysia

I've interviewed Mr Tan Chia Yong from 8TV about his opinions towards New Malaysia.

New Malaysia

I’m going to interview Mr. Woo, who works for electronic design about the New Malaysia.