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What aspects of your city or neighborhood are you grateful for? What have others done in your life that you're grateful for? Who is someone that really listens when you talk, and how does that affect you? What's a stressor...

Airu Chen and Mia Nagai on Language Barriers
September 15, 2022 App Interview

Airu Chen talks to Mia Nagai about living in the United States as a Taiwanese person who does not speak English as a first language.

Jie Xiong and Zhijun Xiong

熊杰和她的父親熊志軍講述了他們在美國治療澱粉樣變性的獨特旅程,當時志軍來探親,但在 COVID19 大流行期間無法返回中國接受治療。 志軍免費從斯坦福醫療保健中心接受了無與倫比的癌症治療,並以他們無法想像的方式影響了他們的生活。 Jie Xiong and her father Zhijun Xiong talk about their unique journey in United States dealing Amylolysis when Zhijun came for a family visit but unable to return back to China for treatment during the COVID-19...


On Thanksgiving day, I (Emily) and Joenna participated in an interview where we talked about the similarities in our lives and how being an Asian American influences it!

Jesslyn Chen and Li Shuyuan

Li Shuyuan (85) talks with her granddaughter Jesslyn Chen (16) about her childhood and other experiences in life.

Girls' Time

Lucine He (21) talks with her roommate, Sunny (21) about their future plannings. They start with the recent final week project, and then talk about their plans for the summer to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, and finally look...

An English Teacher's and Her Student's Stories

This interview can be devided into two parts. The first part is Savrina's interview with Laura, a young English teacher in her high school. The other part is Savrina's interview with Jack, a classmate Laura used to teach and the...

Zhiyang Yuan and her mother talking about living in the 1970s of China

In this interview conducted in February in 2021 in Burlingame, California, Zhiyang Yuan (14) interviews her mother Fay Liang (47) about her childhood experiences in the 1970s of China and her beliefs of life. Ms. Liang shares about her family...

Cyndi's Interview with husband Song

I interview with my husband, Song Sun. We loved each and had a happy life.

Cyndi with husband Song's interview

I interview my husband, Song. We loved each other and had a happy life.