Story of Immigration. Experiences in Mexico and the United States

Immigration Family Interview

Jorge Cruz takes the time to talk about his experience about being an undocumented immigrant.

Family citezenship interview

This is an interview of my aunt and father about their process to get citizenship in the us and their experiences.

Interviewing my father

My father opens up about his past in Mexico and hardships of coming to the untied states

Immigration Story JR

As long as every other country in the world is in poor condition people will continue coming to the states

Immigrant story

This interview was a description about the past and present life of an immigrant that is now a U.S. citizen.

Immigration Story

Talks on the interviewers story about why they chose to come to the United States and how they view the political spectrum.


We talked about where she grew up and what she thinks about the political party’s

Intrevista de mama

My moms expire lien when with politics and her beliefs.