Generations gap project pt.2

This interview was so fun to do! I’m glad I got someone else’s perspective on being a teenager now and I hope this interview sheds a little light on how it’s like growing up now.

Victoria and her mom, Angelica Rohner talked about her mothers childhood adventures with her family and how she got where she is today.
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Throughout this interview I talked to my mom about what her life was like growing up. She tells me the adventures she went on with her family and the struggles of being a women during that time. She talks about...

The Thoughts That Goes Through African American Boys .

We Asked About Their Childhood & What They Liked To Do When They Where Younger. What Their Favorite Memory Was & What Three Wishes They Would Wish For .


Talked about marriage and highschool/childhood

Rocket Hall

This is a Tax Collector who has grown up in Watkinsville. Mr. Christopher has many memories of Rocket Hall we are glad to share.

Redefining the Norm

Clay Stevens was a freshman in high school when he began wearing makeup as a way to express himself and feel more confident. In this interview he explains what sparked his interest, the reaction of those around him, and how...