Grandmother interview

Suzanne Distaso (70) discusses how she grew up in Torrence, California and how that greatly influenced her young days.

Things about my aunt past

I choose my aunt for this interview because her past and now was really different. Although she went through up and downs she has something to say.

The Story of Jeannette

This is the story of Jeannette. Jeannette discusses her dreams and aspirations for the future, The people who affected her and who means the most to her. We discuss her perspective on life and what she wishes she could change....


I chose to interview Qiqi because she is a hardworking, smart, and a caring person. She is currently studying in St. John’s University. She is aiming to become a physician’s assistant when she grows older. During her free time, she...

Getting To Know My Mother

In this interview, I got to know more about my mother by asking her questions. Questions such as her childhood, parents, and memories of me. Also, I asked how she saw me as a child, teenager, and the future. This...