Advika Chesetti and her Experiences of Transfering to the United States

We talked about Advika’s journey from India and Saudi Arabia to the United States, and her experiences and feelings from being here.

Frank Fregoso’s life after Cisneros vs. CCISD

My dad, Frank Fregoso, told me about the multiple elementary and middle schools he attended in Corpus Christi. We talked about their differences in location, facility, demographics, and what it was like to be a “neighborhood kid” in the 70s...

Week 6 Interview

This is my interview with my friend, Kristy Sauceda. She talks about what it’s like being a young college student and running a business.

Wood Wars Champion

UNT Club Baseball winning Wood Wars for the first time beating major rivals Texas Tech University and Baylor University in Finals.

Living through the Great Depression

Matthew Dallas Groenewold was 8 years old when the stock market crashed on “Black Tuesday”, October 29,1929. This is part of his story of growing up during the Great Depression in rural Kingfisher, Oklahoma on his family’s farm and how...