Taylor Bahn Interview

My mom talked a lot about her relationship with God, and how he changed her life. Also she talked quite a bit about family members.

The story of a great woman

I ask my mom questions about what has led her to where she is today

Brock’s 15th Birthday
September 30, 2018 App Interview

Conversation with my youngest son, Joseph Brock DeVorak, a week before his 15th Birthday.

Sarah Pope Interview

My grandmother reflected on her childhood and relationships. She shared the point of view of a young southern girl.

Spencer Hornsey Interview

This was an interview with my dad about his work life, his family life, and lessons he has learned.

Tabitha Nichols’ Interview

Jeannetta talks about her life and how everything has molded you into what you are today.

Sharing the love between Mommy and Me

I am interviewing my 47 year old mother about her life back then and many more thing. Skip to 8:40 to hear the funny story of my first track meet