A Community Changer – interview with Neil Shorthouse

Judith Fuller interviews Neil Shorthouse, a community changer who helped create Communities in Schools. Neil speaks of his upbringing and how it challenged him to live a life of giving back.

Entrevista a mi padre.

Entrevista al señor Moran (47 años) realizado por Dayana Contreras (16 años). Esta entrevista está realizada con el fin de saber la historia de mi padre y su travesía hacia los Estados Unidos De America.

Mama Jackie & Me

I interviewed my grandmother, Mama Jackie for my history project. We discussed our family history, traditions, and ancestry. I learned a lot about my family history during my interview with grandmother.

Gretchen Fuller and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (61) talks with fellow entrepreneur and Atlanta Business League member Gretchen Fuller (53) about Gretchen's education, her corporate experience, and her path to operating her own successful business, Warner Fuller Consulting.

Fred Henderson

Fred (almost 97, still serves as a greeter at church every Sunday) shares memories of Atlanta/Chamblee area, WW II in the Navy, farming, family, church, and owning an independent business.

Cynthia Richmond and Mark Ammann

One Small Step conversation partners Cynthia Richmond (62) and Mark Ammann (62) find they have a lot of unique aspects of their stories in common as they talk about the believing in finding common ground, the foster children in their...

Her Story Our Future

The Remarkable Life and Legacy of my grandmother Civil Rights Attorney Carrie J Thompson Esq. Attorney and friend of Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinham, and Congressman John Conyers Jr. to name a few

Brenda Ford and Alison Hopkins

Alison Hopkins (27) speaks with her friend and co-worker Brenda Ford (52) about her life during the COVID-19 pandemic, her return to school, and finding her life partner.

Maureen Haley and Chris Goode

Colleagues Maureen Haley (57) and Chris Goode (56) talk about their work with Decatur Makers, which is a maker space they helped create in Decatur, GA.