Interview between Gurshaan Maan and his Mother

My interviewee was my 45-year-old mother, Kavneet Dhillon. Her and I discussed of her past careers, experiences, and history to get to know her on a deeper level and document this conversation.

The Kirkland’s Thanksgiving with Jodell Kirkland

In this interview my grandma talks about her life and past experiences.

Interview with Linda Artigue Buday, grandmother of Samantha Buday

Samantha Buday, 11, talks with her grandmother, Linda Artigue Buday, 74, over the Thanksgiving holiday about her life. In this interview, Linda explains how her family ended up in the state of Louisiana. She also details her life growing up...

Interview with my grandfather, Joseph

I interviewed my grandfather, Joesph, today. He and my grandmother came from Australia for thanksgiving this year. We discussed about his childhood, life, how he met my grandmother, etc.

Norah Mentor and Dorynn Mentor talk about nursing and the experiences that led her to choose nursing.

Norah Mentor(15) talks to her sister Dorynn Mentor(24) about the decisions and experiences that led up to her choosing nursing as a career. Dorynn Mentions her struggle finding a good undergraduate major that she actually enjoyed. The impact that she...

Pedro Silva and Kelly FitzSilva

Married couple, Kelly FitzSilva (46) and Pedro Silva (48), discuss religion, identity, and adversity. Pedro and Kelly navigate conversation interweaving their relationships to themselves, each other, and spirituality — noting both the beautiful and difficult aspects.

Sharon Cline and Anna Kawar

Sharon Cline: 2023-11-11 19:09:54 Anna Kawar was born in Jordan and has a unique perspective on the current conflict in the Middle East