Melvin Sparkman and Julián Torres López

Julián Esteban Torres (39) interviews his friend Melvin "Joe" Sparkman (39) about living with multiple sclerosis. Joe talks about challenges he has faced getting a job, interactions he has had with doctors, and how his life has been during the...

Christian Limon-Nuñez and Gabi Madrid

Gabi Madrid (23) interviews her friend Christian Limon-Nuñez (32) about his art, his life, and his experience living in The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Sheikh Rahman and Rawda Rahman

Rawda Rahman (22) speaks to her father Sheikh Rahman (59) about his life, how he came to the U.S. as a student, and later became the first Muslim State Senator in Georgia.

Vandy Beth Glenn and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall [no age given] interviews his friend Vandy Beth Glenn [no age given] about their friendship, her breakfast salons modeled after the Algonquin Roundtable, and her journey as a transgender woman who also has served in the military.

Douglas Wood and Hogai Nassery

Spouses Douglas Wood (51) and Hogai Nassery (52) talk about their lives together as a married couple. They focus on their initial meeting, navigating dating and marriage as a Muslim and a Baptist, and how both both families were initially...

Terence Lester and Jeff Hilimire

Terence Lester (36) and his friend and mentor, Jeff Hilimire (43) talk about their non-profit work in Atlanta, Georgia, how they met, and the ways in which they inspire each other through their work.

Reemberto Rodriguez and Reemberto Rodriguez

Reemberto "Rembe" Rodriguez Jr. (34) interviews his father, Reemberto Rodriguez Sr. (61) about his transition from living in Cuba to the United States. They remember Reemberto Sr.'s parents who died shortly after the move and the family who supported Reemberto...

Shai Robkin and Judy Robkin

Judy Robkin (66) interviews her husband Shai Robkin (66) about the early part of their marriage, including living in Israel for several years. They both grew up in Atlanta and have known each other since 2nd grade.

Sue Rusche and Bill Carter

Sue Rusche (79) is founder and CEO of National Families in Action, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that protects children from addictive drugs by shining light on the science that underlies their effects. NFIA marked its 40th anniversary in November 2017....