Araceli y yo

La vida golpea muchas veces, pero siempre se puede ser feliz, tarde o temprano se logra.

Building A Life With Missing Blocks

Within this interview that took place in Encino, CA lies a conversation between 14-year-old Bailey Ivory Rose Bellamy and 56-year-old Carmen Benitez on an issue surrounding the topic of leaving home. In 1978, Carmen married her husband who she had...

How was your experience in college?

What was talked about in this interview was my mom’s experierience in college. We talked about her problems that prevented her to enter and some that made her pause her career.

Talking with Tata

A conversation with my grandpa (Tata). We talk about his childhood, my grandma , my mom, and all of the amazing memories i’ve made with the one of a kind amazing (best dancer I know) grandpa that I am so...