Kris Gibbons interviews her Grandmother about growing up in the 1960’s.

Kris Gibbons (19), a student at Eastern Michigan University, interviews her stepfather’s mother, Cindy Reed (75). Mrs. Reed talks about graduating high school in 1964 and working in a new industry- computers. She also discusses how growing up in several...

Walter Nobliski and Christopher Reid (Grandson) December 2012

This interview discusses the life of Walter Nobliski from his birth until the date of the interview. It includes his time in the 507th H Company during WW2 and his eventual retirement from Chrysler.

You’re a Very Involved Parent Mr. Greathouse: A Father’s Day Interview

An interview of a father by his daughter. We discuss fatherhood starting with his father, and ending with advice for his kids when they become parents.

Tuberculosis to COVID: Public Health in one woman’s lifetime

Interview with Patricia Harkaway (age 93) about communicable diseases (tuberculosis, polio, and COVID) in the 20th and 21st centuries.

An Interview With My Dad, Joesph Pass

Interviewing my father, Joesph Pass, about his life, his lessons, his greatest memories, and his love for God.

Story crops

This was a interview with my grandmother who I 64 year of age and we talk about her past and current life

Part 2 of Interviewing uncle bay

While I interview my uncle bay we talk about civil rights his background and about this generation.

Interviewing Uncle Bay

While interviewing my uncle bay we talk about his background moving from Mississippi to Detroit Michigan.