Talked about his influences to become a comic artist, how his childhood experiences led to the international and creative life he has. Looking back into his life, we talked about some of his proudest moments in life, both professionally and...

Woods Travels Documentary

This interview is about Shannon Woods’ experiences with traveling the world.

A Journey with Maria

Life in Italy was more simple. We share and cherish memories for as long as we live and pass beautiful stories down from generation to generation.

Interview With Nona

I interviewed my Nona and asked her questions about her childhood, and how life is different now from when she grew up.

Stefania Votino and Joe Votino: The Life of an Italian Immigrant in the 60s and Onward
November 15, 2020 App Interview

I interview my father Joe Votino about his life experience before and after immigrating to America with his siblings and parents in the summer of 1966.

Memories of Bobbie and Dave Heldt with Katie Bausler and Alicia Rowe

Katie Bausler: 2020-10-12 19:45:53 Katie Bausler, 58 and Lee Rowe, 89 chat about Lee's 60 year friendship with Katie's parents, Bobbie, 88 and David Heldt, 90. Lee shares memories of Dave serenading Bobbie with Falling in Love wit you in...