History Project

This is an interview with my dad in which we discuss his military service, childhood, and me (his daughter).

Interview with Cleamont Sheeley

We talked about parts of his early childhood,and American history. Also we talked about Grandma sheeley and his kids.

Shantelle ( moms interview )

I take a second to get one on one about my moms life in great detail. From her childhood, to her favorite thing about me ! Great bonding experience.

Miller Interview

Susan Miller shared some about her childhood and gave advise for teenagers nowadays.

Mom’s childhood

Clarise (my mom) talks about her childhood as an animal lover and farmer.

Years Through Foster Care

My mother, 47, recalls her childhold from the age of 5. Her perserverance through her struggles with her biological family and foster families. How she would change some things if she could but wouldn’t at the same time.

Interviewing my mom STEAM

I interviewed my mom about her Childhood & Her Work experiences for A project in School