Emma Mitchell and Andy Ranazzi

One Small Step partners Emma Mitchell (37) and Andy Ranazzi (60) have a conversation about the state of political discourse, navigating politics and family, and the citizen vs. the citizenry.

Lynisha Senegal and Bernardine Tuisavalalo Tavita

One Small Step conversation partners Lynisha Senegal (45) and Bernadine Tuisavalalo Tavita (28) talk about their experiences as women of color - growing up poor, engaging with their communities, and taking on the mantle of leadership.

"It takes courage, tienes que ser muy fuerte en esta vida" Maria Rios

I interviewed Maria Rios (63) from Chihuahua, Mexico. Maria is my childhood friends mother, I chose Maria because she became a mother at age 15, its hard raising kids, yet alone boys. Maria has been through a lot in life,...

Stephen DeLay – Growing up, being a parent, and more

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Marin County, California, Tessa DeLay(15) interviews her father Stephen DeLay(54). Stephen reflects on his childhood and his experience as a parent as he gives Tessa life advice.

The San Francisco Love Story

Marian Howard(86) talks with her granddaughter, Nina Howard(15) about her marraige and relationship with Bill Howard. She shares the story of their union, the importance of their marriage, and a lesson for the youth.

Yaya and Moxie Chattin it Up
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Moxie (16) asks their Yaya/ Grandma, Catherine (76) about her interests, connections, and passions. Around 1 hour and 10 minutes long, though it discusses events spanning decades.

The Musical Journey

Sebastian Lopez Bossi interviews Amadeus Regucera, who mentored him, about Amadeus's Musical Journey.

Irene Hurwitz and John Hurwitz

Mother and son Irene Hurwitz (78) and John Hurwitz (36) share a conversation about Irene's life and the myriad of business ventures she took on with her late husband, also named John.

Brady Sih and his mother, Gerimae Sih, talking about her family history

Brady Sih (52) talks with his mom, Gerimae Sih (77), about her childhood and her parents family and siblings growing up as first generation families in America: 2022-10-29 16:24:10