Kamryn Keith interview

We mostly talked about growing up, family, and political views.

Caroline Young interview

This is an interview about my mom. Her work life, love life, family life etc.

Story Corps Interview

This video is an interview for sales executive for AT&T business.

Kate Andersen, freelance creative writer

We were interviewing for a freelance writer position. I interviewed Kate Andersen, who is a current freelance writer, to see if she was qualified to work with our company. We went through a series of questions to identify her strengths,...

Landon McClure Interview

My dad and I talked about a little bit of everything. He told me about how his loss of job has changed his attitude about things. As well as, the sportings events he has attended and his favorite.

kinley cobb interview

we talked about many good life experiences and skills that my dad has or learned about.


Me and my mom talked about what life had in store for me and what she did when she was little.

Linden Combs Interview

In this interview I learned more about what my Mom’s life was like from the time she was a child up until getting married and having children.

Isaiah Voudrie Interview

This was my interview with my father, Michael. It was a good chat and I enjoyed it.