My mom’s childhood

Tried doing the interview to the best of my abilities

Joe Corthay

As I Recall is a collection of conversations with Crowley's longstanding citizens.

Interviewing my mom

Today I interviewed my mom where she explained her past and what is going on now in her life.

The Childhood

My mom, Amber Vinson, had a tough childhood growing up with her dad being in prison and here is her story.

The Learning of the Unknown

Me and my mom, Sheena Smith, sit and talk about her childhood and family. We also speak about our relationship and how this pandemic has effected it.

Changing the Face of Medicine: A Black Woman’s Journey

I have a conversation about the status of America, the medical field and what’s to come in the following year.

#TheGreatListen with Jaycob Steels

I interviewed my good friend Jaycob Steels about the people who have influenced his life. I also asked him what he learned from this year.

Half a century and life is still hard but gets better PT1

This interview is private.