I asked my spouse general life questions.

Spencer Kresie and Michael Cavenee talk about how the influential people and events in our lives led us to where we are.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Plano, Texas, Spencer Kresie (16) interviews his step-father Michael Cavenee (61) regarding his childhood in Iowa and the path of his career. Mr. Cavenee described a large variety of memories, such as...

Living in a Mexican-American World

The interview was about my husband life growing up in Dallas,TX as a Mexican-American.Luis Nino talks about his childhood, career and religious views.

Andrew Interview

We went through how Andrew grew up, talked about his parents divorce and how he wants to be remembered.

My Me Maw

My Me Maw had a lot of wisdom to share with me and also had a difficult time growing up because she had my Dad and Uncle at such a young age.

Interview with Nikki Norman

Talked with Nikki Norman about her childhood and growing up in Dallas, TX. Also talked about her family and future opportunities.

Interview with Jordan Campbell
October 15, 2018 App Interview

Had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan to just talk about the process of LIFE!