Interviewing my mom

Today I interviewed my mom where she explained her past and what is going on now in her life.

The Childhood

My mom, Amber Vinson, had a tough childhood growing up with her dad being in prison and here is her story.

Interview with my uncle

This is my storytelling assignment. I interviewed my uncle, Ben. Listen and learn from my uncle's experiences.

MK and Auntie G

We talked about her childhood, what it’s like to be a parent, and family.

MK and Mac

We talked about the future, favorites, and socialization.

Interview with Sanya

This is a short interview of Sanya recorded by Amarachi Iromaka.

Covid-19 2020

An interview by a 23 year old living through a pandemic in the year of 2020. A virtual time capsule

Reflections and Recollections

I interviewed my grandfather, Mike Mckissick, on Monday, December 9th, 2019. We talked about his experiences growing up as a teenager and other aspects of his childhood.