Escaping Turmoil in the Chaos of War: The Story of a Vietnamese Immigrant

In this interview done on April 20, 2019, Patricia Tran (20) interviews her mother (60) about her life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and her journey in fleeing and adapting to the United States and its culture. Thuy Nguyen...

Vietnam Interview.

Mr. Balazsy speaking of his experience in Vietnam.

Grandpa on Vietnam

Over Thanksgiving break, I interviewed my grandpa about his experiences serving in Vietnam.

Thanksgiving interview
November 28, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my grandfather’s time in Vietnam and in the Coastguard

A Bathroom Break from Vietnam to the United States – An Immigrant Story

Chad Goodman was a seven-year-old boy in Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon. His mother realized that the only way that her children could have a better life was if she could give them up to adoption, which also meant...