Interview with Randy Metcalf on April 11, 2021.

My dad and I talked about life lessons he has gained and learned in his life. Another aspect was what he learned from his parents.

Aureliano Gonzalez and Stephanie Gonzalez

Aureliano Gonzalez(43) talks with his daughter, Stephanie Gonzalez (14) about his life growing up, living through a global pandemic and how the life he’s living right now was never the life he was expecting to live.

Interviewing my mom

Today I interviewed my mom where she explained her past and what is going on now in her life.

my childhood

In this short short recording I ask my Hispanic mom about how she perceived me when I was a new born and what she would want for my future kids.

StoryCorps Interview

We talked about Mrs.Wilson’s childhood. Her favorite things, and her adult life as well.

The Childhood

My mom, Amber Vinson, had a tough childhood growing up with her dad being in prison and here is her story.

36 Questions with Sarai and Dillon Part I

Dillon is an emergency room doctor attempting to make his mark in business and Sarai is a former military intelligence officer advancing her career with a degree in cybersecurity. They met on Bumble (online dating app) and are blossoming as...