"We should not live in a bubble when we conduct science." A conversation with Dr. Florian Schwandner.

From a childhood filled with archeology lessons from his dad, to graduate studies measuring gases from active volcanoes, and then designing early warning systems to detect volcanic activity, Dr. Florian Schwandner's life goal has been to make a difference in...

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (82) talks with his children Allegra (42) and Jeremy Gordon (36) about stories from childhood, science experiments, and his unique path from physics to the psychology of encounter groups and psychics in the 1970s, and into a career...

Ashlie Bryant and Gordon Jackson Discuss Human Trafficking Prevention Education

Join Ashlie Bryant and Gordon Jackson as they discuss the impact of education and training when it comes to human trafficking prevention.

Edith de Guzman and Andy Lipkis

Edith de Guzman interviews TreePeople founder Andy Lipkis about 50 years in the urban forest movement...and planting 1 million trees for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

Interview with my mom

We talk about my moms life from the past and future

Nathan Lord and Molly Moncure

One Small Step partners Nathan "Nate" Lord (52) and Molly Moncure (69) talk about their concern for the future of our country, and how in the recent past they have come to recognize the privilege they have enjoyed due to...

Stories from 3Strands Global Foundation’s Employ + Empower Program – Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking

Ashlie Bryant (54 years), Co-Founder and CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation, sits down to interview Kaitlyn DiCicco (30 years), National Director of Social Services Programs, about the Employ + Empower program. Through the program’s 4 years of operation, over 300...

Storycorps interview Lily Larkin DeBoard

I talked to Emily about a range of different topics. Mostly about her life and where she sees her future going and all her successes

Veronica Pinzon’s Life

Short interview about my Mother’s life as a kid, teenager, and young adult.