Profile Interview

Today we talked about my dads life in the auto motive industry. We also talked about his former life as an mma fighter.

Journey to the United States: Interview with Gulay Goddard

Talia Goddard interviews her mom, Gulay, about her journey from Turkey to the United States. This includes her reasoning behind the move, first impressions of the United States, and more.

Jesslyn Chen and Li Shuyuan

Li Shuyuan (85) talks with her granddaughter Jesslyn Chen (16) about her childhood and other experiences in life.

My interview with my brother Cristian

Marlene Garcia: 2021-09-11 22:04:54 The past steps taken in his life to get where he is now.

A Conversation with Greg Korb

My stepfather Greg came into my life 47 years ago when I was just four years old. He recently came to visit me and I decide to take the opportunity of a rare one on one visit to interview him...

A Little Insight into Kathleen's Past
September 1, 2021 App Interview

Avery Boyse interviews Kathleen Boyse, her 55-year-old mother. She shares stories from her childhood and describes her father George Sennett and his mother Erminie (Mimi) Sennett. She also talks about her career and the qualities she would like to be...

Lyda Stillwell

Interview with Lyda Stillwell who spent her life working in theatre primarily as a theatre director and professor. Lyda resides in Friendship Village Kalamazoo as of fall 2021 during the time of the interview.

"We should not live in a bubble when we conduct science." A conversation with Florian Schwandner.

From a childhood filled with archeology lessons from his dad, to graduate studies measuring gases from active volcanoes, and then designing early warning systems to detect volcanic activity, Dr. Florian Schwandner's life goal has been to make a difference in...

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (82) talks with his children Allegra (42) and Jeremy Gordon (36) about stories from childhood, science experiments, and his unique path from physics to the psychology of encounter groups and psychics in the 1970s, and into a career...

Ashlie Bryant and Gordon Jackson Discuss Human Trafficking Prevention Education

Join Ashlie Bryant and Gordon Jackson as they discuss the impact of education and training when it comes to human trafficking prevention.