Barbara Reinke interviews Kathy Brehmer about influences and experiences in 1960s

Kathy talks about cultural influences, JFK and RFK, her orientation to social justice issues, and then her involvement with student-led anti-war protests at UWM during early college.

Barb interviewed Diane Stoiber about 1960s

Barbara Reinke: 2020-08-25 18:30:49 Barb talks with Diane about memories of growing up in Milwaukee in 1960s in large Catholic family, TV and music and slang, and becoming aware of world events like race issues and Cuban missile crisis.

Julie Peck and Barbara Weber "Life lessons"

Julie Peck: 2020-08-17 16:03:16. Julie Peck, 72, and Barbara Weber, 79, friends from Osher, a lifelong learning group. We discussed her decade as a Coast Guard Wife and new Mom living in California, the isolation of Hawaii, and re-engagement with...

Ellen Schur and Jan Schur

Interview of Ellen Schur (50) with her mother Jan Schur (80) about childhood in Milwaukee, WI. Also about Steve Schur's (died age 71) childhood in Chicago, IL and their participation in the civil rights movement in Madison, WI. Other topics,...

Dick Man and Isabella Man

Dick Man talks with his granddaughter, Isabella Man, about his life after leaving China.