Skyler Blest and her husband Sean Paieda talk about life, memories, and fears of the future

In this interview, conducted in December 2020 in Newark, Delaware, Skyler Blest (22) interviews her husband Sean Paieda (22) about his childhood in the city they both call home. Mr. Paieda shares stories about his regrets and fears for the...

Reasons Why You Might Want To Refurbish Your Computer

You had this computer in the past, but as technology developed, you bought a new and better one and left the old one collecting dust at the corner. It has now become an eyesore, and you are thinking, “What am...

person of inspiration – chase mullin

chase talks about family to career to life lessons :)

Whats your purpose?

A heart to heart interview with the most important person in my life.


Interview with Grandpa Part One

ENG- Interview

For the most part we took a little deep look into what make bryson happy and what are some of his most influential moments were

Farah Adrita and Lisa Joy

Farah talks about her life experiences before and after the covid-19 pandemic

Alyssa Fermin and Kenneth Fermin

Listen to Alyssa Fermin (18) and Kenneth Fermin (20) talk about Kenneth’s goals in life, our grandfather, and being kicked by six year olds.

Interview with a father

In this interview I talk with my step father, asking him general questions and learning more about his life

Getting to know Tully Pleasant

We talked about important life lessons and things to live by.

Oh, To Be 10 Years Old Again…

This is a an interview that I did with my 10-year-old sister, Katie Jane, on the memorable parts of her life so far.

Joy Scott and Jocelyn Scott (ft. Mark Scott)

I (Joy Scott, 18) talk with my mom (Jocelyn Scott, 49) about her—and my dad’s—transitioning from their traditional teaching jobs to their careers as full-time Christian missionaries. We also talk about what it’s like having that sort of job in...

Samantha D'Elia interviewing Christopher Loja

Samantha D'Elia (18) speaks with Christopher Loja (19) , who describes his experiences growing up with immigrant parents and how the values he learned from them motivate him in his adult life, and inspires him to work in the entertainment...

Colin Kremus on College in Coronavirus

Colin Kremus(19) talks to his friend Alessandro Gonzaga(18) about his experience and transition going into college at Notre Dame. He was accepted to, decided on, and went to college during Coronavirus, giving him a unique experience for his first semester.

Henri Serverius and Philippe Serverius

Henri Serverius (18) talks with his father Philippe Serverius (50) about his childhood growing up in Belgium, the implications of the roots of his African mother, his decision to leave Europe behind and move to NYC, and the first hand...

Manas Ranpariya & Jayshri Ranpariya

Manas Ranpariya (18) talks with his mom, Jayshri Ranpariya (47), about her childhood in India, coming to America, and her journey to where she is now.

Thanksgiving 2020

I interviewed my mom and she shared her thoughts on questions I asked.

Getting to know more about my mother.
December 4, 2020 App Interview

My mother Laura, talked about how her mother had the most influence on her.


Interview of my sister, age 16. Discussed some of her hobbies, goals, and outlook on 2020

Speech 106

Interview between Weston Harris and Dylan Turner

Life of Hafiz Waseem

Talked about what we were thankful for and my dads life experience.