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Recording – 12-09-2023 11:15:42

This is an interview with my partner, Jake. He is 26 years old and has decided to share brief portion of his life and personal growth with the world.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Shiho Yoshida, my teacher, explains her experience during the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

interview with will

will is (20) , talks about how he grew up, what his sexual orientation is and what his gender is.


Caden Bedford (20) explains growing up as a heterosexual african american man

Tamyia and Joslynn 12/8/23

I interviewed Joslynn Worley! We talked about the challenges teachers face and the the motivation she keeps for her professional career! Then we delved into some happy memories of her childhood!

TREY AND TJ 12/8/23

Trey Stevens (19) talks with friend, Tj Yates (20) about living in the states being mixed race and growing in single parent home

13 year old getaway driver
December 9, 2023 App Interview

Michelle Purvey (56), mother of Angelina Purvey (15), describes the time she "stole" a car at the age of 13. Some people call it stealing but she describes it as a joy ride. The disappointment from her mother was worth...

Nicola and Hamilton

We talk about what it is like to be a D1 athlete and be from Germany and to we talk about how women soccer is changing.

Aaron + Leslie

I decided to interview my boyfriend for this project!

Patience + Diana

This is an interview by Patience Goe (22) interviewing her best friend Diana Martinez (21) on her experience as a Mexican born being adopted by a white family and brought to America. They dive into the struggles of being adapted...

Interview with Robi W

I interviewed one of my good friends from high school, Robi Winder. Robi is trans and has had a unique lived experience. The interview goes over life experiences and personal relationships.


Ashley (18) interviews neighbor Ana (33) to get glimpse of her life in Guatemala and her transition to the United States. We speak about her childhood life and how she grew up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With Margaret Louise Levit Crowley and Maggie Belknap

I interviewed my Grandmother Margaret Crowley on advice she would give young people on living a joyful and fulfilling life

Isha and Kat

I interviewed Kat Peltz (18). She talks about her life experiences and also growing up christian and apart of the lgbtq+ community.

Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my older brother talk about life and the memories we share.

Recording – 12-07-2023 12:40:26

An interview of life growing up between a 19 year old white man from Colorado, a 54 year old black man from L.A., and a 19 year old white female from England.

Mike and Charlie

Mike Fitzpatrick (77) talks about his life growing up as a Catholic, and explains some of his important life lessons.

My baby’s

My dad talking about the birth of me and my sister.

Ashley and Isabel 12/8

Ashley (19) talks with Isabel (19) about her experience growing up as a poor hispanic.

Mia and Brianna – 12-08-2023
December 9, 2023 App Interview

Today, I talked to Mia Fox (18) about her experiences being a gay person of color who attended a private school for the majority of her life. This interview mentions racism, homophobia, and religious trauma.