Father and Son Conversation

Ali Alesedi (16) is having a conversation with his father Tamam Alesedi (46). The topics talked about is parenting, love, life, and hopes for the future.

Family Interview
November 30, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my father Quang Le, who’s currently 53 years old.

Interview of my Mom

Kavimitiran Pasupathi interviews his Mom, Pradeepa Rathinasamy.

family interview with mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

my mom name is Jovan and she is 34 years old and she’s my mother a topic we discussed in this interview was talking about family and friends and ppl we love the most.

interview with grandpa

interview with grandpa talking about childhood memories and what it was like growing up

Interview with Dad

Siri Coyne interviews her dad, Jeff Coyne, discussing Jeff’s childhood, work life, and relationships.

Great Grandmother

Some interesting things in her life as a child/young adult that differ from today’s experience.

Mom & Me
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Cooper Ito, a 15 year old high school student, interviews his amazing 50+ year old mom. They discuss the path she’s taken to get where she is now. They cover sensitive topics such as racial and religious discrimination, tons of...

entrevista con mi hermana

Jeanna Ceja - 16 years old, older sister Jimena Ceja - 13 years old, younger sister

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Bryn Argov's Life

Bryn Argov shares her life experiences so far and what brings her joy as she reminisces memories from the past.

Cuong’s Journey

Cuong grew up in the countryside of Vietnam. Life was very different in the countryside. Luckily, Cuong had the opportunity to move to America.

Kelley Reece Interview
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Interviewing my dad about his experience as the manager on the Baylor football team.

Interview with Mrs.Sa San
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Sa San is my best friend and she is 23 years old.Here, I interviewed her about her background and life goal.

thw great Thanksgiving listen

it's about my father Jose and how he would want people to remember him by, who has been the kindest to him and why it's question I felt were interesting to talk about and curious about.

What he think about the Covid-19 pandemic

The participant is my husband. His name is R.Ishmael and he is 29 years old. We discuss his perspective about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected him socially in addition to his view whether the pandemic is a factor...

interview with my dad

in this interview i will interview my dad 6 shorts questions about his past life.

College Success interview Caleb Marks

an interview about community college with Ryan

uncle darren
November 30, 2022 App Interview

be yourself and always chase your dreams.

Hugh Marasa's Life Stories and Advice

Hugh Marasa (61) talks with his son Alec Marasa (17) about his life experiences and what he has learned from them. He covers his job, aspirations as a young adult, and being a parent of two.

Truly- The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 30, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma. I asked her questions about her life.