Interview Grandma

My grandmother and her thoughts and opinions.

Brazil Jackson’s Life.

hi my name is Brazil jackson i loved the questions i loved the app. i hope you loved my interview

Learning about the past.

Enjoy life while you can and do what’s best for yourself.

Sheyla interviewing her brother

Having a good conversation with my brother even though he felt alittle award

Xavier & Jordan StoryCorp Interview

We discussed many situations about what wisdom would he pass down to his grandkids , also about what he is most proud of .

Make wise choices

This is about my father who made some bad choices in his younger life but I thank God he had time to fix it

Parent interviews

Questions on here life and her influence on mine


This was a very thoughtful interview and I actually enjoyed doing it. loved getting to know the persons life

Story Corps Interview – Alexander Hayles & My Dad

I had a sit down interview with my dad about life in his home country compared to now

My brother, my best friend

This interview is between my twin brother and I. We

Calvin’s Distress, a mock interview by Ivan Prieto

Calvin describes one of his happiest memories, a historic race at the prestigious Trabuco Hills Invitational.

Interviewing my older sister

Most of my sisters responses were about personal issues we dealt with. My sisters disorder and the arrival of my sisters DACA.

Leonid Bondar-Great Patriotic War Interview

My grandpa talks about his adventures in the war and his father’s struggles as a general.