Immigration Interview final

Interview of Almudena Ayala Bellido’s immigration from Spain the the USA

Interview with my beautiful mommy

We talked about my moms job, and how she first saw me as a baby.

Elizabeth Marie

My sister was raped when she was 16.

Emerson Teeter’s interview

We talked about my Paps life as a kid, and the good and bad things he did. We also talked about his relationship with his parents and grandparents.

Tracen interview with father

A challenge my father faced how he overcame it and what roadblocks lied ahead

My inspiration

life of a young mother who happens to be my sister. This event in her life changed her life dramatically and for the better. She is someone I look up to and hope to be half the mother she is...

My birth story
September 25, 2019 App Interview

This is my mother talking about my birth story.

Shirish’s Birth

Cirucmstances when I was born

Dad’s interview

We talked about my dad’s family and how my great grandparents immigrated from Greece. We talked about his experiences and how that has an affect on where we are now.

An interview of Tanya Rasmussen

I’m talking about miss. Rasmussen’s life and her job.

Study of fiction

We talked about her career & up bringing.

Lee Kempf’s childhood in Madison, Wisconsin and his Military service.

Lee Kempf talks about his childhood in Madison, Wisconsin during the depression and his military service in Okinawa.

Ava’s interview by isaac

I tried to ask her about her life, but didn’t get too many answers out of her.

Caroline Young interview

This is an interview about my mom. Her work life, love life, family life etc.

My Mom

Random stories in my moms life.