Happy birthday to me

One dad’s experience in having a baby during the Thalidomide crisis.

Interview with Henry

My dad talked about his childhood and how he wanted to be an astronaut. We also touched upon what traits he feels he’s passed onto me.

Things about life-Jenny Braddy

My dad and I talked about how his life is. We also talked about who is important to him.

Nike and Alyson Felix pregnancy contract

Allyson Felix and her pregnancy contract with Nike. Is it fair?

Growing up with Kids

My mom talked about how she had three kids in her early twenties. She mentions her personal struggles and some advice for other parents.

Steven James Antonellis

Interview with Dad about his childhood, spirituality, love for his family and hopes and dreams

The birth of my daughter

I talked about the birth of my first daughter Kandace Cherese Brown.

Kaylee Harp interview

We talked about my moms life as a child, what she thinks of me, and what I have to look forward to.

Grandma Joise

This interview was about my Grandma’s life in Holland compared to her life in America as well as her struggles she’s dealt with in her life.

An Interview with a Brand-New Father

I interview my cousin Nick about his first 3 weeks being a new father

With my Grandma (Part 5)

After the third(fourth actually, miscount) mic crash, grandma finishes the story about coming to America. During this we also talk about meeting my grandpa and about my dad when he was young

Give Thanks

My auntie and I talked about the best moments that ever happened to her life. She mentioned that she is thankful with everything that she have because God is with her.

My Birth Story

this is the story of when I was born in January 2002. This is how I learned more about my birth and the experiences that my mother had to encounter when giving birth, during pregnancy, and during labor.

Service Learning Project

In this interview, Josefina Gutierrez talks about special moments and important people that shaped her life.

A Filipino mother’s journey to the US.

In this interview we talk about my mom’s life in the Philippines and all the trials and tribulations she went through during all stages of her life, from graduating college, to getting a job and moving to the US, and...

Mrs. Dooley

What we talk some questions on this app

Interview with Mom

Interviewing my mom a series of questions in order to find out things I never knew.