English 2308: Crafting the Criminal Interview

An interview about how a crime shifted this person’s thinking of criminal behavior.

Crimes of the Past

In summer of 2014 sixteen year old high school sophomore from San Antonio went out with friends on a warm Saturday night in July. Before it was all said and done two people were arrested, one was out a months...

StoryCorps Interview – Daniel Hernandez

An experience with a true crime that left a significant impact on the interviewee’s life


A man gets charged with a crime he didnt commit

Thanksgiving Listen

My mother and I talked about her life in the 90s. We also talked about the future of our lives.

Benjaliss Velazquez and the Supervisor of the Crime Scene and Evidences, talking about Forensic Sciene Career

Benjaliss Velazquez interviewing Daniel, the Supervisor of Crime Scene and Evidences. The interview it was en October 26, in the Police Departament of St, Cloud. The topic that we discussed was about the Forensic Sciene Career.