Liberian women hairstyles

Liberian women are really big on maintaining their hair and making it look neat. In my interview, my guest Forti talks about how she always has to do her hair. Nowadays, she is a busy mother and wife so she...

FP Art of Listening

Sitting down with Australian native Matthew Leary to talk about the hot topic of culture shock

Parte de la Vida de Ana Fuentes

Esta entrevista es sobre la infancia y la vida de Ana Best. Nació y creció en México, pero ahora vive con su familia en los Estados Unidos. Como estudiante de la Universidad, tuve que hacerle preguntas sobre su vida y...

Unknown American
November 12, 2019 App Interview

The difference of life between the United States and a foreign country.

Importance of Family

My father’s life being an immigrant in the United States and what it meant to be a Filipino.

Week 1 interview

Interview my friend who has a very strong Indian culture background.

Interview with an Unknown American Project

A son and his father speak of the father’s journey in the past 30 years involving America, immigration, and the Homeland of France

Inquiry C Interview
October 9, 2019 App Interview

Interview with friend about her Italian and Mexican culture

Interview with Dad — Blog 3

Interviewing my father about his culture and background and how that impacted his life.

An american view of Japanese culture

Andrew describes his views of japanese culture and his experiences about barriers and conflicts.

Advancing the Culture

Elton Louie talks about his journey in the realm of fashion, design, and more. In this episode, the Santa Ana-based creative goes in depth into what it means to create and gives advice to those looking to follow a similar...

2000’s decade

Experience of what it’s like to live in the first decade of the 2000’s.

Interviewing Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Ethnographic Interview – Cassidy and Abdulaziz

Abdulaziz and I share some differences between our home countries of Saudi Arabia and the United States, as well as differences between our own beliefs and families.

Oral History With Richard Martinez

In the interview, we talked about success, languange, culture, and love.

Rafael and Anna

I interview my girlfriend about her childhood in China and growing up in San Diego.

A Conversation With My Mom About Culture and Death

I have a quick discussion with my mom. We talk about her childhood and how that has influenced who she is today.

Interview with Sanjay

I talk to my dad about his life in India as well as America. He goes through his life and tells me about his highs, lows, and what his goals are.

A Look at Cultural Differences

I interviewed my roommate Anh Nguyen about the difference in culture between her and her parents, how she feels about Americans fascination with Asian culture, and the importance of representation

Oral history-Chinese International Student in the United States

This interview is about a Chinese International student in University of Idaho. She will talk about her personal experiences in China and America.

Life in Barcelona vs California

This interview is taken place April 2018 in Fullerton California. I am interviewing my 28 year old brother Kevin O’Connell who traveled abroad in 2016. He moved to Barcelona, Spain for a couple months to finish getting his degree. I...