Eddie and Emily talk about the topic of death. "What is your attitude toward to death?"

I am talking with my sister Emily, who lives in New York currently. Emily was talking about her attitude and experience about her family member’s death.


We talked about the hard times but also the good times throughout my mom’s life. She also told me that she’s proudest of my brother and I’s effort in school.

Interview with Karen (mom)

This is an interview with my mom where she tells me about my uncle who died when I was in elementary school. She describes who he was, the effect he had on her and others, and what his funeral was...


SJ and Taye talk about death, dying, and loss.

Uncle Lamar & I

I interviewed my uncle about several things. Things such as how he met the love of his life, how he grew up as a child, and how he felt when he found out he was gonna be a father.

Appreciate Every Moment- Narrative English II

This Interview focuses primarily on my mom and the lost of her mom and how this experience effected her.