My Great-Grandmother’s Farewell
September 13, 2019 App Interview

My Great Grandmother’s Farewell My mom was born in Taiwan and both her parents worked, so her grandma raised her from birth till my mom and her parents immigrated to America when she was 3 years old. My mom went...

“Um, that I love you the most!”

This interview captures the uniqueness of how the adoption process changes lives and the hope for children across the world.


Mr. Rodriguez and i talked about his life and how things impacted on him

Service Learning Project

Asking my mother questions about her experience from an a child till now.

The Life of Baltazar Rayo

Here are a few questions about my father, Baltazar Rayo who came from Mexico at 14 years old. I’m very proud of everything this man has done for me, and he is truly an inspiration to me and my brothers.

Karli and Grandma Williams Interview

This interview consists of shaunas life and just small talk about what’s most important to her.

Grandma’s story

What we talked about is some important thing in my grandmas life

Our Adventure Through High School

During our interview we discussed topics related to our high school experience.

Agapita Segura (Grandma)

I learned that I had an uncle who died around the age of 8 months

Tami shares her life story with oldest son Caran.

Tami shares a lot of her life and even very personal things. From wedding mishaps to a death of a new born this interview jumps from funny to sad at different times. At 11:55 she tells the story of how...

Thanksgiving Listen MR-WCC

A grandmother, her son and her grandson speak about her early life, living in Quito, Ecuador in the early 1940’s.