Linda Baxter art, music, family and life growing up in Rhode island

An interview with a true Saggitarian, Linda who was born and raised in Rhode Island in a multitalented musical family. With an antique dealer mother and a father who could fix anything and play most any instrument it is no...

Mary’s final interview

Story of lunchcode pass and cutting hair

The Good Life of Carole Battaglia

Learning more about my grandmothers early life, and reminiscing on the good times growing up with her. Also hearing what she has to say about the future for our family and what she wants out of it.

“My parents were strict”

I interviewed my grandpa about when he was little and how his mom and dad were to him.

Avocado toast & JLO

A teenage daughter interviews her mother on her life. The interview is filled with laughs and tears.

alma and shannon

Alma’s dad moved here and built an empire. She is very appreciative.

Interview with my mom!

Today I interviewed my mom, Traci Zieverink, in Birmingham, Alabama. We talked about my childhood, her childhood, and her parents life before she was born.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interviewer and I talked about what was her favorite jobs that he or she has had and what career would they have also her most important people in in their life

My Mom and I talk about her childhood and parenthood

My mom and I discussed her childhood and her experiences raising me and my sister. She also went in detail about dealing with her illness while bringing up children.

Minami and Miyachan 2018 Interview

We discuss, in English and Japanese, of her life and mine. What would she change, what she believes, and what Miyachan has enjoyed in her life so far.

Interview with Liesl

Today, you’ll listen to myself, Emma, about my aunt and Godmother, Liesl.

Great Thanksgiving Project

We talked about him growing up and what his life was like.

Interview With Karen Murphy

My mom and I talked mostly about memories