Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019.

In this test recording, Raneen Rehani, a student at Egg Harbor Township High School, in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, records a practice audio file for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen. Raneen Rehani is in grade 11 and is studying...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What his child hood was like and just about his life experience

Me and my bro

He’s my favorite person but he doesn’t even know.

UNIV 102

I was given the opportunity to interveiw my father, who gave great insight on life and persuing a career.

Ally Zeigler’s life

Interview on her life, basic questions

Interview with Daddy!

I learned that daddy has learned a lot in his life and how much those hard times and having amazing family and friends can help you keep on going

My birth story!

I never really heard my birth story before so it was really interesting hearing it!

Spring project

It was an informative interview. But I am glad he cares about my education

beginning to endings

memories that we both hold. jokes, laughs and convos.

Just Another Interview

Basic to more in depth questions about them and our friendship.

Service learning

Life lessons and stories about childhood.

Vikram Bellamkonda and Ian Hunt Interview.

Class Assignment. Interviewed my roommate and asked questions about his life, about concept of death, things he would change, etc.

The Great Listen

We talked about Michaels life as a young 6 year old.

Practice Interview with Mayer

This is an interview with a friend from school. This is an English assignment.