A Window Into the Thoughts of Renesha Walton

In this interview my mother and I talk about her childhood years as well as an important person in her life who’s lived through five generations. It’s a comedic interview, with very real answers.


I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters...

Wyatt’s Trip to Alaska

Peter interviews Wyatt about his recent National Geograhic trip to Alaska.

Global Warming Interview

Asking my friend his views on global warming, ways to prevent it, and how it affects people in everyday life.

Global Warming Interview with Chad

I spoke to Chad about his experience with global warming. I wanted to identify what he knows about global warming.