Grandpas passing

My interview was about me asking my dad some questions about how he had to deal with his grandpas passing. It also was some very hard question to answer.

Dale Herbacek

Interviewed my wife’s Grandpa.

Talk with Grandpa pt. 1

This is the first part of the interview with grandpa before the recording stopped.

Talk with Grandpa

I talked with grandpa about his life growing up. He told me many stories.

With my Grandma (Part 5)

After the third(fourth actually, miscount) mic crash, grandma finishes the story about coming to America. During this we also talk about meeting my grandpa and about my dad when he was young

Glorias interview :)

I interviewed my Grandma (and my grandpa) and asked about marriage, my grandma’s life growing up and what her favorite memories are

Jose and Cesar talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis and Venezuela

My grandfather was 10 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred with the US. So, I decided to ask him about the event and communism itself since he was so close to where it was happening. We also spoke...

Interview with Grandpa Couturier

Grandpa Couturier told me about his life growing up and how much his life has changed since then.

Humanities interview grandpa larry
March 24, 2019 App Interview

I learned many things about my grandfather. He’s old but wise and just a kind soul. But he never found beyound in bed bath and beyound


Victorianio Valdez Jarquio was born in Manila, Philippines in 1932 and journeyed to the United States with his wife and four sons in 1972. This is the story of my “Lolo.”

Big B

An interview with me and my Grandpa