Interviewing my Aunt

This was an interview with my aunt about her life in Vietnam and her family.

A new POV of my neighbor

My neighbor talks about the good and bad times growing up.

“I miss my friends the most”

I talked to my grandfather about his past life in Pakistan and his new experiences moving here.

Life Experiences With My Grandfather

I talk with my grandpa about various life experiences and whatnot.

Dale Walker Interview w/ Grandma

Talking with my Grandma about her life and favorite memories

Rohit’s Awesome Interview

Interviewing Dave and Monica Vickers, native Virginians and travelers!

Interview with Grandpa

Talking to Grandpa about his life in the army all the way up to now.

Great Thanksgiving Listen by Liam Reardon

I speak to my grandfather about his life from a kid all the way up to where he is now

Mr. Spring’s Life

Mr. Spring was one of my former biology teacher from Chantilly High School and during this interview, he talked a lot about his childhood and his life experiences. Unfortunately, time was running short, so there were not as many questions.

Taylor Gorodnick’s GTL

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up.

My interview with my uncle Freddy

In this interview my uncle and I talk about his life growing up in Bolivia and moving to the United States

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 2

This interview was conducted between me and my grandfather. Unfortunately this recording ended abruptly as well, but there will be no part 3 to continue this interview. Thanks for listening!

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 1

This interview was conducted with me and my grandfather on December 3rd. However, the interview was abruptly ended and there will be a part 2 to this interview

Nani & I

In this interview I asked my Nani about her childhood and life as a parent.