Journalism Video

This interview was very helpful, I learned a lot of new things about my grandfather, that I never knew before.

Life Lessons

This interview was about life lessons and fulfilling your dreams and goals. In this interview was Jaden Williams and Linda Williams. She is my grandmother, I am 14 years old and this interview is located in Inglewood, California. The best...

Family Is Always There

In this interview, cuducted in Santa Monica, California, Nicolas Calvo interviews his parents about the importance and how you can always count on family even through tough times.

Nick and Steve talking about Steve’s life.

This is me talking to my grandfather Steve. We talked about a lot of things but Manley about his life. This helped me learn a lot of things . This was very good to hear and I liked this project.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandma talked about important people in her life.We also talked about how she wanted to be remembered also what information she wants to be past down to the next generation.

Interview planning

Talked about his life and gave some wisdom feed back.

My life

We talked about there life a how it impacted them in a long run

Me and my sister

Courtney was just telling me about the ups and downs in her life. What she would do to change it. Also was giving me advice and telling me stuff she’s wanted to tell me.

My father, Alex Calderon

My dad talks about important events that have happened to him and what he feels about the United States. He also tells a little about where he is from, which is the great country of El Salvador.

Cynthia Clark talks about her personal experiences, life in Jamaica, and her family.

Olivia interviews her mother’s cousin Cynthia. She is 68 years and was boring in Kingston, Jamaica. Cynthia talks about some of her favorite moments of her life, like when she was the May Queen and she crowned the statue Mary....