Humanities 1 Project

An interview with my grandfather. We talk about his childhood, his experiences coming to the US, and his reflections about his life so far.

Savita Macwan interview

an interview of my grandmas story of immigrating to the US from India

Interview with Polish immigrant

Bernadette was born in 1971 and immigrated to France and the United States in the 90’s. This is her story. Recorded in Polish

Global Arizona – Mother and Daughter Discuss Family History and Immigration

My mother and I discuss her family’s story of immigrating from Serbia to the United States in 1970. She is the youngest of four siblings (pictured above).

Rosalia Melendez and Karen Melendez

In this interview my mom talks about moving from place to place. Also how her life changed when she moved to the United States. She also talks about her childhood in Mexico.

“Chase your dreams, education is the key to many other doors”

I interviewed my mom on her transition from a small town in Mexico to living in Chicago. We talked on her journey as an immigrant and her early years here in the states.

Ana on families and immigration

Ana has worked with many first and second generation immigrants. She has seen how immigration status impacts individual and family well being as well as access to basic goods and services.

Lexi Juoni and her mother Melissa Juoni talk about work, growing up, and 9/11.

In this interview, taken in November 2018 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Lexi Juoni (15) interviews her mother Melissa Juoni (39) about her childhood dreams. Melissa talks about how her mother is very important to her life and everyone around her. She...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Barbara Mutz

My Grandmother talked about her Childhood, her family, and how she wants to be remembered.

Israel Salgado

In this interview, Israel talks about his experience as an immigrant and what it’s like being here in the United States. It’s a short interview because he is difficult about opening up and showing his feelings.

Living History Project: Charlotte Wilson

Interviewing my mother who is both African-American and Korean-American about her experiences growing up in America.