Great Thanksgiving Listen

The interview seemed slightly shorter than I imagined and I was constantly improving what I was going to say. It also was a fun experience and I got to know more about Maryam. At first I thought that I already...

Interview with Dylan

Me and my brother sat down to talk about how his life has gone so far

Israel’s practice interview

Israel mostly talks about how he wants to be rembered . He talks about lessons he has learned in life and why they’re important to him .

Growing up

Today we talked about the way of life and what growing up is like for different people.

Interview with my dad

We talked about how he left and the challenges after he moved

PT Interview

I asked my sister 10 questions to get to know her better.

Part 2 of interview with papa

This is the second part because it shut out on us toward the end of the first recording.

Life Thoughts

Prentice talks about her experiences and her perspectives.

Gabriel Atto LHP Interview

Talked about the journey of my interviewee.

StoryCorps Interview For history

This interview involved me and my grandpa talking about his life growing up and what stood out to him the most


It was really interesting learning about all the stuff that happened.

The Giver Project

We talked about his childhood, were was he deployed when he was in the military, and where did he travel.

Spanish interview with Estrella

Hablemos sobre muchas temas random y se preguntar preguntas sobre su vida y que pensaría interesante para otras personas.

StoryCorps Interview

We talked about some examples and mile stones she wants to set in life. We also talked about her career path

Interview story corps 2018 *take 3

I was trying to be serious but my mom was trying to kill me. While I was laughing.

Interview With My Mom

Her life and the influence of other people in her life.


It was really nice knowing how my grandmas life was in the past and how she feels about it now

Life As An African Child Vs Parent

In this interview, I interview my Dad. We get to know a little about his childhood and being a father to three girls and a husband. Also his story about being a father figure at a young age.

Osvaldo interview

In this interview we talked about life.