Interview w/ Best teacher (Interviewed by Brennan Kitchens)

Just a simple (at times emotiona) interview with an English teacher that gave me confidence in myself and my work.

A Conversation About Reclamation

G and I sat in Ashley’s house and talked about her goals, the strong women in her life and who she wants to be remembered as.

prank calls + post malone

us having an off topic discussion about little women

Vera- Joy and Meaning in Nurse Manager Practice

A nurse manager shares her experiences with meaning and joy in her work.

I Would Tell You How Proud I Am, and How Much I Love You.

In this interview, conducted on November 27, 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Stephanie Urban (16) interviews her mother Francine Urban (51) about her life growing up. Francine tells her daughter about her favorite things growing up in Atlantic...

The Life of My Grandma!

This funny interview is between my grandma and I. With a little interruption from my uncle/ fake father Joshua.

Thanksgiving Listen 2018

Interview with my mother about her childhood, advice she has held onto, and what she wishes for my future.


Thanksgiving conversation with Dad.

Stanley Stroud and Quint Newcomer

Stanley Stroud (57) talks to friend, Quint Newcomer (51), about his earliest memories in Athens, the influence of music throughout his life, overcoming cancer, and his love of cars.

Meaning and Joy in Nursing- Cherie

An interview with a nurse leader discussing her experience with meaning and joy in her nursing leadership practice .

Meaning and Joy in Nursing- Valerie

A nurse leader describes her experience with meaning and joy in her nursing leadership practice.


I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters...

Joy with Tigress

Joy with Tigress Osborn Fat Liberation NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) instagram@iofthetigress Book: “Hot and Heavy A Fierce Fat Girl Anthology” Fat Kid Dance Party (LA) Fat Flashmob

Joy with filmmaker Alex Orea

Joy and inspiration

Joy with Peter

Joy and poetry and exercise