Life as a Female Pastor

My mom is freaking cool. She’s pushed through a lot to get to where she is, and still is willing to give her all for Jesus

Alumn returns to help first year students.

First year student interviews first year adviser about experiences at Southwestern College.

Journey from Cuba.

In this interview, conducted on April 21st 2019 in Orange, CA, Connor tapia (21) interviews his mother, Madelin Tundidor about her childhood experiences as well as the hardships that she has faced in her life. She shared stories of her...


Jordyn B. talks about her past and how it has impacted her as well as the way that she sees her future now.

Journey to America

I interview my mom about her experience and journey coming to the United States and how her life was changed when she got here.

A Few Questions For My Mother

I (Elizabeth Philley) ask my mother (Wendi Philley) about her life experiences and attitudes to some aspects of life.

Interview with Grandma

I interviewed my grandmother using some general questions about her life. The interview had no distinct theme, but it focused on life experiences.

History Extra Credit

Life and general satisfaction with it.

Life through the eyes of Yahaira Perdomo

In this interview conducted on October of 2018 in New York City, Orlando Caceres interviews his mother, Yahaira Perdomo on her experiences on life in the Dominican Republic, youth, motherhood and most recently her experience emigrating to the United States...

Nathaniel Miller Interviews Andrew Miller

Nathaniel Milller interviews his older brother Andrew Miller about his life experiences and beliefs.

Valerie Yang and Jiu Won’s Interview about Jiu’s Life So Far

This interview took place at Detroit Country Day Middle School between Valerie Yang and Jiu Won. It was recorded on April 26, 2018. The topics we talked about were broad and regarded our lives so far.

Erika Schafrick – StoryCorps Interview

I interviewed my father, Will Schafrick. As the only parent who I’m living with at the moment, he has helped me a lot in my journey of growing up and dealing with life changes. I chose to interview him to...

How has life defined you?

This is a quick interview with my husband about his life experiences that help shape who he is today.

The Perfect Path

I interviewed my boyfriend, Tristin on his life and experiences.

Thanksgiving Interview

Talking into detail about life and experiences

Interview with my aunt

This is basically an interview with my aunt about her life experiences, past memories, and her story, I definitely learned a lot from this interview

Life Challenges of my Father

I interviewed my father asking him questions about his life experiences growing up as teenager facing various challenges and life experiences.